Trader Todd’s Menu

Trader Todd requested a menu revision, and this is the piece I came up with. Trader Todd’s is an amazing karaoke bar in Wrigleyville, complete with a beach/tiki theme. Think Back to the Beach from the 80’s if you can. Or maybe you can’t because you weren’t born yet, that’s cool too. Anyway, I found some great tiki vector images and laid them out as a background and then typeset the menu items to fit in a clear way, that was still easy to read. Fun Fact that almost went to the bar: 1 of the Tiki men I used wasn’t wearing his underwear the day of his photoshoot and I almost turned these menus into X-Rated pieces. Luckily I caught that prior to print, and it was a quick fix before being produced. PHEW! This masterpiece was created in Illustrator.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)