Red Beard Brew Pub Sign

Last year my friends had a bar opening party for the bar they built in their basement. Getting into the spirit of it, Jim actually shaved his beard and mustache into an “old-timey” bartender style and even did the whole white shirt, vest and arm band look to really bring the bar to life. I managed to get a great picture of him leaning over the bar and was IMMEDIATELY inspired to create a sign for their bar. I wanted the sign to look wooden, but not be so it would be easy to hang and I would not be crushed if ever a bar fight were to break out and the sign get into the action. So I printed the design to an adhesive-backed material and mounted it to foam. Jim and Laura were thrilled to get the sign and have actually hung it in their bar since. This is 1 of my favorite designs because I think the image of Jim came out so great and it’s a modern take on an old-school sign. The design was created in photoshop and illustrator.