Piper’s Alley Signage

Here’s a project that I worked completely on from start to finish. It just so happened that our production manager was out on vacation the week this was to be produced and installed, so not only did I get to do the design layout and file setups, I also got to produce and finish these pieces by myself. The management company of Piper’s Alley requested new signs for their interior to show where everything was.┬áSimilar to something we had done for 2nd City, we created plexi glass signs with brushed aluminum stand offs. The directional information was also brushed aluminum for the headers, and then black vinyl for the stores and classrooms. I had the brushed aluminum letters cut and then used a stencil to place them on the board. I also had the black vinyl cut and then laid that after the aluminum letters were done. They turned out amazing and I was even told by our production manager upon his return that this project was “flawless.” FYI, that’s basically winning a Nobel Peace Prize, so I’ll take it! These fine specimens were created in Illustrator. Watch Passengers (2016)