Crown Lanes

Prior to the sale of the Brunswick Bowling Division, Brunswick had planned to create a 4th brand, Crown Lanes. This brand would have catered to more competitive bowlers. The branding was almost complete, however the interior graphics were lacking, so I was asked to create some pin masks and a feature wall. The pin masks I created were subtle beige crowns with a larger crown on every few lanes. I designed them this way so bowlers would be able to focus on their game, and not on the awesome design above the pins. The brand manager was so pleased with these designs, she also recommended the pin mask background be used in the event rooms at the Crown Lane centers.

The feature wall would have the logo cut from old lanes, and would have subtle designs on them, including the wood grains and also the arrows that you see on bowling lanes. I was most excited about this piece because I thought the subtle details of the wood text would be equally exciting to the customer once they realized the wood was the same as the lanes.

Unfortunately these designs will never come to fruition. Bowlmor AMF did show interest in purchasing this brand (which I take as a compliment), however because the crown and its relation to Brunswick, they thought it would be too hard to transition to their brand. Regardless, I’m proud of the work, and am excited that everyone else who was a part of creating this new brand was proud of the work as well. These pieces were created in Illustrator, and mocked up in Photoshop.