About/Contact Me

I graduated from Lake Forest College in 2003 with a double major in Communications and Studio Art. I did a few years in the Real Estate industry, a few in Event Planning and finally decided to go back to school for my true passion, Design. I returned to college in 2007 (or Round 2 as I so lovingly call it) and received my degree (with honors!) as a Graphic Designer from Columbia College in 2009. During Round 2 I even managed to score an internship, quickly turned full-time job as a designer for a Chicago-based Design+Production Company (Dr. Graphx!) and worked there for 6+ years before moving on to work as the lead graphic designer for Brunswick. Sadly the bowling division was sold, and my experience at Brunswick was short, but sweet. Since then, I have been employed as the Graphic Designer for Northwest Community Healthcare. I work with an amazing Marketing and Communications team, and enjoy working in the community I grew up in.

In my spare time I’m doing design work freelance, including invitations, banners, posters, paintings, DIY projects (thank you Pinterest), t-shirts, logos, cards, and photoshopping funny things. And that’s just scraping the surface.

But design work isn’t ALL I’m up to. Depending on the season, I’m participating in some sport. 9 times out of 10 it’s softball, but I’ve been known to ski, play basketball, toss a football and swim. I even have 2 Tough Mudders under my belt. Because just 1 12-mile 24+obstacle course wasn’t enough. They made me run up a mountain in the second 1. Ask me about that. With the right amount of excitement and energy, I can be persuaded to do insane things like this. Don’t ask me to ride a bike though, that’s out of the question. The loves of my life are my candy man Steve, my family, my wonder dog Fez, my friends, traveling, photographs, easter eggs, colors and fonts. All these things keep me inspired.

Feel free to contact me with questions about design, work or my dog. I could talk about him all day long.