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When Harry Met Sally

Posted on Mar 1 by

I absolutely adore the movie when Harry Met Sally. I love how the relationship of these 2 characters is played out. The whole story is cleverly written, and not far out of reach...


PeepShow Cover

Posted on Feb 22 by

The cover of this magazine was created for my Publication Design class at Columbia College. The class created a magazine title, and then based on that, each student designed a...


PeepShow Table of Contents

Posted on Feb 15 by

This table of contents was created for my Publication Design course at Columbia College. The class created a magazine title, and then based on that, each designed a cover page...


Typography Appendix

Posted on Feb 8 by

This appendix was used in a book I created for my Intermediate Typography class at Columbia. The purpose was to show the different classes of typefaces and their qualities. I...


Red Beard Pub

Posted on Feb 1 by

Last year my friends had a bar opening party for the bar they built in their basement. Getting into the spirit of it, Jim actually shaved his beard and mustache into an...


Christmas Greetings 2011

Posted on Jan 25 by

Because I love my dogs like my own flesh and blood, of course I’m going to feature them in my holiday cards. This picture I got of Rex was a rare 1 because that little boy...


Fez’s Donation Thank You

Posted on Jan 18 by

Recently, I decided to get into running. Gross. But anyway, I decided to challenge myself AND Fez by doing a 5K. Like a sign from above, the shelter I got Fez from, Wright Way...


Faith and Whiskey

Posted on Jan 11 by

I create menus for Bacardi frequently and this was for a drink promotion for the bar Faith and Whiskey. My client wanted something that reflected the bar’s theme, which is...


Envy 2

Posted on Jan 4 by

The Motorola Envy 2 is still to this day my favorite phone. Yes I love me my iPhone something fierce, but the Envy never froze on me, always had great service, I could go on for...


April + Gus

Posted on Dec 21 by

April and Gus wanted to do a lantern theme for their wedding because they’re getting married on a beach and will be releasing lanterns into the sky (LOVE IT!). So we used...


Michele + Chris

Posted on Dec 14 by

Michele and Chris asked me to create for them a 1 page book-folded program for their wedding. Using the same fonts and colors from the save the date I previously had created for...